Ovarian cyst diet guide


Ovarian cyst diet guide

Ovarian cysts are a kind of ovarian tumors. Many times, the diseases brought to patients are many. In many cases, the ovarian cysts have a great relationship with the patient’s own diet. Therefore, the dietary considerations for ovarian cysts must be understood by every patient.Next, let’s take a look at the ovarian cyst diet considerations?

Ovarian cyst diet guide one, what is good for ovarian cysts (1) should eat more foods with anti-ovarian tumors: sputum, hippocampus, sputum, dragon pearl tea, hawthorn.

(2) Bleeding should eat sheep blood, lion lion, mussel, squid, leeks, scallions, mushrooms, Malan head, stone ear, scorpion, dried persimmon.

(3) Infection should be eaten squid, clam, water snake, needle fish, squid, eucalyptus, celery, sesame, buckwheat, rapeseed, citron, red bean, mung bean.

(4) abdominal pain, abdominal distension should eat pork loin, bayberry, hawthorn, orange cake, walnut.

Second, ovarian cysts are best not to eat anything (1) avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee, cocoa and so on.

(2) Avoid spicy spicy food: onions, ginger, and peppers.

(3) Avoid mildew, burnt food, such as mildew, moldy soybeans, bacon and so on.

(4) Avoid dog meat, mutton and greasy, fried, smoked and other hot food.

Third, ovarian cysts therapeutic side diet 1: Hawthorn black fungus brown sugar soup[raw materials]100 grams of hawthorn, black fungus 50 grams, brown sugar 30 grams.

[Method]Decoction of 500 ml of hawthorn to the slag, add black fungus to the hair, simmered with simmer, add brown sugar.

Can take 2?
3 times, 5 days, and even 2?
3 weeks.

[Effect]Activating blood circulation, spleen and blood.

[Applicable]ovarian cysts with menstrual dysfunction; dysmenorrhea, premenstrual is very much, with lower abdominal tingling refused to press, and there is a blood clot, block pain reduction, is qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Therapeutic side 2: Water chestnut glutinous rice porridge[raw material]500 grams of water chestnut, 100 grams of raw glutinous rice, 150 grams of flower gum (fish belly), half of dried tangerine peel, sticky rice, salt.

[Preparation method]Wash each material with clean water for use; remove the meat from the water chestnut, use the water to soak it in the water and cut it into pieces; add the appropriate amount of water to the corrugated material, add the material after the fire to the water, wait for the water.Roll it up again and change it to medium heat. Continue to knead the rice and turn it into a thin porridge. Season it to eat.

銆怑ffect銆?Spleen and dehumidify, detoxify and disperse, nourish liver and kidney.

[Applicable]ovarian cysts, and see obesity, with a lot of weight, sticky, yellowish odor, pruritus; pale red tongue white greasy, pulse slippery, the disease is spleen deficiency and wet.

The porridge is not hot, suitable for daily consumption of a family size, can strengthen the spleen and raise liver and kidney, but it is not suitable for frequent urination or enuresis.