[Easiest way to make peanut candy]_ steps _ methods

[Easiest way to make peanut candy]_ steps _ methods

When you were a kid, your favorite snack was peanut candy. Sweet and crunchy is a favorite of children. Peanut candy is a very traditional classic snack, but it is generally bought with additives and unhygienic.But I do n’t make it myself. What is the simplest way to make peanut candy?

The following introduces several peanut candy practices.

Homemade peanut candy method and step 1 Put the peanut kernels into the pot (without putting oil), and stir-fry them on a medium-low heat; the fried peanut kernels are left to cool, rub off the red clothes, and set aside;Add white sugar, medium and low heat, stir fry with a spatula; fry until white sugar melts; add maltose; fry maltose until it is mixed with white sugar, then slowly boil over low heat; 2 use chopsticks to dip some syrup, putIn cold water, take out the chopsticks for a few seconds and try it out. When the taste of the syrup is crunchy and non-sticky, it means that the syrup is ready. Pour in the peanut kernels and mix well;Medium (preferably a layer of plastic wrap in the mold to facilitate the removal of peanut candy), flatten the surface; homemade peanut candy 3 and then remove it from the mold, cut into pieces, after the peanut candy is completely cooled and crispy.
Homemade peanut candy tips: 1.

The most important thing about making peanut candy is to master the fire of boiled syrup.

If the fire is not there, it will stick to your teeth. If the fire is too much, the peanut candy will break easily.

Therefore, when frying sugar, if it is not very skilled, it is best to fry it slowly over a low fire. After the sugar is melted, pour maltose into it.

The trick to judging whether the syrup is boiled is: use a little bit of syrup with chopsticks and insert it into cold water. When the syrup solidifies and bites and becomes brittle, it means that it is boiled.

If you feel like you’re almost done, try a few more times so that you can grasp the fire in time.


2. When the syrup is boiled, pour in the peanut kernels while it is hot. If the syrup becomes cold, it is difficult to mix well;

Step 11 When cutting peanut butter, also cut it hot.

Dry the whole piece of peanut butter a little to allow it to harden a little bit and cut it.

Don’t wait for the peanut candies to become cold and crispy, it will be easy to break; 4.

When frying peanut kernels, don’t make the fire too big, especially after hearing the crackling sound of peanut kernels, turn to low heat to avoid burning.

[Homemade peanut sugar]Ingredients: 200g peanuts, 15g corn oil, 100g maltose, 100g white granulated sugar Step 1. Peanuts are cooked and then cooled and peeled 2. Prepare white sugar, corn oil and maltose 3, maltose heat-insulating waterSoften spare 4 and put a piece of non-stick oil paper on the baking sheet.

5. Add oil and caster sugar to the pot, boil syrup 6 over medium and low heat, turn into honey 7 after boiling, pour maltose, stir with a spatula 8 until boiled, the color is caramel, and turn the heat toMinimum 9, use a chopstick to dip a little syrup into cold water, take it out and put it in your mouth for a bit. If it is crisp and not sticky, it means that the syrup is boiled for 10, then pour in peanut rice and stir-fry (The fire can be turned a bit larger) 11, put it on the oil paper after stir-fry, and quickly shape 12 while it is hot, it is best to put it on a corner, and use a scraper to flatten it, and then press the four sides neatly 13Wait for it to dissipate heat after the shape. Cut the peanut candy into small pieces while warming, and let it cool after eating.