What are the benefits of regular yoga? The three powerful functions of yoga


What are the benefits of regular yoga? The three powerful functions of yoga


Asana Yoga believes that the cause of aging is autointoxication, which means that the body accumulates a large amount of toxins for many years and cannot be replaced by the body.

When you practice yoga posture, your body will become strong, your body will not accumulate too much blood pressure and mildness, your blood pressure will return to normal, and your heart will become healthier.

The overall health has improved, and people are naturally more youthful and more energetic.

Every posture of yoga has the effect of smoothing the physiology, improving or restoring vitality, achieving calmness and emotional stability.

When people become healthy, their minds become more open-minded and stronger, and naturally they can face the invisible pressures and frustrations of life.


The Pranayama Yoga Harmony Method regulates energy in the body.

Most people use the tibia instead of the abdomen to breathe. This method of breathing does not make good use of the function of the lungs, so that oxygen can not fully fill the lungs, so it is not healthy.

Yoga pranayama is a breathing technique that provides more oxygen to the brain, making the whole state of mind calm and positive.

It can even keep your mind clear and stable while re-doing the daily sleep time.


Yoga Nidra is usually in a state of tension for a long time, the resistance is weakened, and the disease is naturally multiplied.

In the last part of each yoga, it will end in “backward”.

It has great relaxation and meditation, giving people a feeling of relaxation and peace.

When we extend this feeling into our daily lives, interpersonal relationships become harmonious, and we can be more tolerant and comfortable with everything around us.