Health secrets belonging to the office family


Health secrets belonging to the office family

The lady in the office building, Mr. always is always busy at the desk.

Use computers, look at documents, discuss research. it’s easy to move, it’s easier and obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Life is in sports, the old saying goes, the office is busy, still have to keep some time for exercise, eliminate fatigue, stay away from sub-health, prevent disease.

銆€銆€The work pace in the office building is fast, so the exercise should be easy to learn and effective. Here is a set of aerobics suitable for office work. Can you try it?

銆€銆€First, the girl.

Slightly rub your head every morning or night before going to bed – stimulate the head points to adjust your health.

Stand upright and relax.

Hold the empty fist on the head with both hands, naturally move the wrist joint, use your fingers to gently rub the head, first slam from the forehead to the top of the top of the head, and then from the sides of the head to the center of the head.

The number of times depends on each person’s situation, generally about 50 times is good.

銆€銆€Second, comb your hair.

First straight brush, use a wooden comb (do not use plastic, metal comb, preferably boxwood comb, if there is no wooden comb, can also be replaced with a finger) from the forehead through the top of the head to the back comb, gradually speed up.

Do not use excessive force when combing to prevent scratching the skin.

Then comb the brush diagonally.

First comb along the head, comb the hair, then comb backwards, then comb along the head.

About 20-30 per minute, once a day, 3-5 minutes each time.

This can stimulate the scalp nerve endings and the head meridian points, through the combination of nerves and meridians on the cerebral cortex, regulate the meridians and nervous system, change the head nerves, promote local blood circulation, and achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue, strengthening the body and promoting hair growth.Especially suitable for mental workers.

銆€銆€Third, high-five.

The two hands are flat in front, at a 90-degree angle, and the two fingers are straight and unfolded.

Then forcefully clap your hands, the louder the better.

The high-five is mainly to stimulate the two acupuncture points, usually around 20 times.

銆€銆€Fourth, bather.

The bather is one of the health massages.

Take the habitual position, eliminate the distracting thoughts, calm down and calm down, listen to the ear, do not look farsighted, and keep the navel, and rub the hands together from slow to fast.

銆€銆€Five, noodles.

Put the hot hand on the skin, the two hands are vertically down from the front nose to the sides of the nose, repeatedly rubbing until the face is hot.

Then close your eyes and massage your eyes and surroundings with your fingertips.

銆€銆€Six, ears.

There are many acupuncture points on the auricle.

Use two index fingers, middle finger, ring finger three fingers, rubbing the auricle before and after, stimulate the distribution of various points on the auricle.

The number of times is also determined by each person’s situation, generally about 20 times.

銆€銆€Seven, licking the neck.

First use the index finger of both hands, the ring finger repeatedly massages the wind pool at the back of the neck, the Fengfu point, the force from light to heavy, until the local heat, and then alternately rotate left and right, the speed is slow but the amplitude is large.

銆€銆€Eight, shrink the lips.

Breathe upright, hands on the hips, first inhale.

Pause for a while, then shrink your lips, don’t force, slowly exhale, until the end of the spit, then take a deep breath, repeated more than ten times.

This will prolong the time of oxygen in the alveoli and promote the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

銆€銆€Nine, bent over.

The feet are naturally separated, and the hands are akimbo. The left and right sides are bent about 30 times, and then tilted back and forth 30 times, then the chest is expanded several times.銆€銆€Ten, take a walk.

Walking means informal, leisurely and leisurely.


Before going for a walk, you should let your body relax, move your body properly, mix your breath, calm and calm, and then take it easy, otherwise you won’t be able to exercise.


It’s easy to walk, just like walking in a walk.

In this way, the blood of the whole body can be adjusted to be peaceful, and the circulation of the veins is coordinated internally and externally.


Walking should be calm and gentle, it is not appropriate to rush, throw away all the trivial things in order to relieve fatigue and puzzle God.


Walking should be gradual and gradual, and work hard, and do not be tired and tired.


The speed of walking, slow step (refer to slow walking, steady walking, about 60-70 steps per minute, so that you can walk old and weak and exercise after meals), quick step (refers to walking faster, every minute)About 120 steps, because this kind of walk is more brisk, the long-term ability can excite the spirit, excite the brain, make the lower limbs strong and easy to walk (refer to walking and stopping, and fast and slow.

After a long distance, stop and take a break, then go again; or go for a ride and then slowly.

This kind of stop-and-go walk is suitable for people who recover from illness and who are sick and sick.

The most crucial point of walking is perseverance, and it will be revealed in the long run.